Does exercise improve your mental health?
If you want to be a personal trainer or gym instructor, you’ll need to be qualified. 
All legitimate training should involve some in person coaching and if you want to be best prepared for a fitness career, you’re going to need hands-on experience in the gym. 
That’s why all of our relevant courses involve in person coaching. 
We use several local venues to deliver this training. Hull and the surrounding urban area has many great locations for fitness and we’re pleased to partner with a number of them, to make sure our clients get the best training they can get. 
We thought it would be a good idea to give you some info about the places we call home. 

Why do we operate out of these venues? 

With the courses we offer, we want to be accessible to a wide range of people. 
Our locations are spread across the local area with gyms accessible from East, West and North Hull. 
This means wherever our clients are they can get to a gym near them. 
These gyms also give us access to the highest quality facilities with ample room and opportunity to run coaching sessions. Many of them also have other facilities on site making them appealing to clients, should they want to extend their stay or become members. 
By running sessions there we’re also bringing more people to the gyms, so it is beneficial for them and helps the local economy. 
Chart showing mental health increase

The venues we coach trainers at 

So let us introduce you to our venues. 
Along with a blurb about each location we’ll also list what qualifications we can teach there. We can’t provide everything at every venue, but the most popular courses can be done at all of them. 

Total Fitness Hull 

Courses: Gym Instructors, Personal Trainer and Pilates 
Total Fitness is located in Willerby, in West Hull, near Castle Hill Hospital. 
It’s a great and popular gym for the area and has plenty of space to conduct training. Unique facilities include a running track in the gym, great lighting, and substantial areas for major disciplines like cardio and weight training. 

David Lloyd Hull (New Venue) 

Courses: Gym Instructors, PT and Pilates 
We’ve recently partnered with David Lloyd Hull to provide training to people situated in the North of Hull and those with easy access to Kingswood. 
Of course, David Lloyd is a popular fitness franchise with many other facilities including racket sports and swimming. 
The gym is also a great facility for training our clients. 
David Lloyd Hull is in Kingswood retail park near Hollywood Bowl. 

Cottingham Parks 

Courses: Gym, PT, Pilates, Group Training, Education and Training award, Mental Health Awareness 
As you can tell by the range of courses we offer here, Cottingham Parks leisure club is one of our main locations and it’s a great place to come and do your training. 
Set in over 200 acres of green parkland to the north of Cottingham it is a pleasure to work here. 
There are other facilities including golf and equestrian, so there’s plenty to get involved in. There’s also lodges on site that you can stay in. 
The gym is welcoming and friendly and provides a great atmosphere for training. 

Peak Health 

Courses: Gym, PT, Pilates and Group Training 
Peak Health is our main location to the east of Hull, located near Thorngumbald. If you live near there or in Hedon, this is ideal. 
Peak Health is a great gym with a sporty, inspirational atmosphere and lots of machines and equipment. If you want an energetic and modern environment to do your training in this will be a great location for you. 
We do our most popular qualifications here so if you’re in the area this might be exactly what you need. 

Warners Hull (New Venue) 

Courses: Gym, PT, and Pilates 
We’ve also recently partnered with Warners Health Club and Physio in Anlaby. This is another great option for those in West Hull and this is pretty central and easy to get to. 
It’s a great venue with lots of facilities and options for physio therapy if you’re in need of that. 

Village Hotel Gym 

Courses: Gym, PT, Pilates, Group Training, Education and Training award, Mental Health Awareness 
Another one of our main locations, the Village Hotel in Priory Park has an excellent gym and facilities that provide gym goers with an enticing option. There’s plenty of options for coffee and a drink after and if you already work in the area, it’s ideal. 
We offer the full range of courses here too and would be happy to coach you here. It’s easily accessible from Hessle and the A63. 

Beginning a fitness career in Hull 

So, there you go. Hopefully you know a bit more about the venues we operate at. 
If you want to take a course with us, get in touch and we can decide which venue is best for you. 
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