Does exercise improve your mental health?
I used to be someone who always worked out alone. I'd put my headphones in, tune everything else out, and focus on my own workout. But then I got into group fitness classes and have never looked back! Group training has so many benefits that I wanted to share my top 5 reasons to give it a try. 

1. Motivation 

One of the hardest parts of working out is just getting yourself to the gym. When you've committed to meeting others for a training session, you're much more likely to actually go rather than skip out. Knowing my workout buddies are counting on me makes all the difference on those days I feel unmotivated. I don't want to let them down! 

2. Accountability 

Similar to motivation, knowing I have to answer to others helps keep me accountable. If I miss a few workouts in a row, my trainer or teammates will check in on me to see if everything's okay. And I don't want to admit I skipped just because I was feeling lazy! 

3. Variety 

Group training classes often involve varied circuit-style workouts or different focuses each week like HIIT, strength, core, flexibility, kickboxing, etc. This keeps things from getting boring and challenging my body in new ways leads to better results. 

4. Community 

Working out side-by-side with others breeds an awesome sense of community. My workout friends have become my friends outside the gym too. I've met some amazing people I never would have without group fitness! 

5. Expert Instruction 

Group training means you've got a trainer right there providing tips on form, motivation and pushing you to levels you likely wouldn't reach alone. I've seen way more progress since joining small group training sessions. 
If you're on the fence, I really recommend giving group training a shot for at least a month to see those benefits firsthand. I'm willing to bet you'll be hooked like I am after seeing major differences in your motivation, workouts and results!  
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